DAVID MOSCOSO - Art exhibits

January 30 - February 25

Sombras nada mas, Citlalin Gallery and Theatre, Chicago IL

Sep – Oct 2014
Dreams of Color and Shadows, Student Activities, Harry S. Truman, Chicago, IL, US

June 2014
Lines-Colors-Images, Board Room, Michigan Tower, Chicago, IL, US

October 2013- March 2014
Central America and It’s Artists, Office of the Cook Country Treasurer, Chicago, IL, US

Aug 2013
Meztli Gallery, Chicago, IL, US

June-Aug, 2011
Mayan sol, Chicago, Chicago, IL, US

March 2011
Arte Madrid, Madrid, Spain

Jan 2011
Color And Shape, Studio 204, North Milwaukee, Chicago IL, US

Dec 2010
Luz & Sombra, Mayan Sol, Chicago IL, US

Aug - Oct 2010
Expo Shanghai 2010, Shanghai, China.

Jul - Aug 2010
Cultures Conecting, North lakeside Cultural Center, N Sheridan, Chicago IL, US.

Jan 2010

Recycled by David Moscoso , Maya Essence Chicago, Chicago IL, US

Dec 2009  - Jan 2010
International Art Group, Insight Arts, Morse street,  Chicago IL,  US

Nov 2009
Silent Expressions, Casa Guatemala, Chicago IL, US

May 2009
Recycled Art: Feminine Expressions, El Sitio, Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala

Dec 2008 - Apr 2009
Recycled Art in Wood and Glass, Palacio Nacional, Guatemala City, Guatemala

Nov 2008
Recycled Art: Natural Expressions , Edifício de Correos, Guatemala City, Guatemala

Artist | architect | designer